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I Didn't Get Here On My Own...

Left to my own devices I'm a bit too easily entertained. Were it not for these people I'd probably be playing guitar in some dive on the Florida panhandle hoping to make enough cash to get further south before Fall. So yes, some days I like you all less than others...

However, in a group setting I get a bit competitive. I learned early on that I'm going to be in the top 10% of whoever I hang around - for better or worse. While this list is by no means the totality of those to which I owe gratitude, these are the ones that I feel led to the creation of Bamboo Sam - for better or worse...

  • Mom - Aside from the obvious "wouldn't be here without you" stuff; your insistence that I could do whatever I put my energy into and your willingness to let me decide what that should be was the best.

  • Dad - Ditto above. But mostly for teaching me to hustle and sponsoring those first few plays.

  • Shauna - I could write an entire book on what I've learned since meeting (and marrying) you. You showed me it was okay to give your time, money, and energy to something you found valuable - even if it was a charity case. You make staying in that top 10% crazy hard, and mostly your indulgence, soooo much indulgence.

  • Jimmy Buffett - The man that taught me about escapism and helped me to do so; regardless of how far I was from the coast at that particular moment.

  • "Cap'n Rob" Parks - 1. He introduced me to Tequila (among other things) 2. He helped me learn to shut up, listen & observe.

  • Robyn Samms - When Rob & I had a house together (Rob & Sam's) we hosted a LOT of parties. At one of those parties we heard a guy ask if anyone knew which girl was Robyn Samms because he had been to several parties at her house but never seemed to meet her. "She" taught me a lot about public perception and showmanship.

  • Andy - For helping to keep my legend alive.

  • Sheena Patrick - You vouched for me to get my first bartending gig where I was encouraged (and expected) to actually make quality drinks.

  • Jeff "Beachbum" Berry - I tend to default to the Golden Mean. Seeing how far you went in your quest to recover Tiki drinks shifted that mean to the point that I'm doing this.

  • Martha - The first bartender to actually take my questions seriously. 

  • Tom Greaves - For telling (and enabling) me to step out there and share what I knew. It was rewarding enough that I'm still doing it.

  • Martin Cate - Seeing someone else come into Tikidom after already being on a solid career path, take it all in, and chart their own path is enough. Sharing your recipes is over the top.

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