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Bamboo Sam's Site Update

A quick note on some upcoming changes...

The start of 2020 marks a new decade and six months since I launched Bamboo Sam's. I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to join me in this little bit of escapism!

One of my resolutions this year is to continue learning and sharing all I can about Tikidom. To that end, I'm adding a few things to the site:

  • Videos! I've added video support to the site and will hopefully find some entertaining ways to incorporate video clips into things.

  • Amazon Referrals - I'm not looking to turn this into a shopping site but two facts have emerged over the last 6 months. First of all, I'm having to order a lot of my supplies from online retailers (including Amazon). Since this is a website, it seemed kind of ridiculous to make you search for these items (assuming you're all playing along from home) when I could just include a link in the text. Secondly, while I'd be doing most of this whether you were watching or not, maintaining the site ain't free. Anything you buy through the hyperlinks on the site is credited to me with Amazon and simply put, they send me a referral fee. It doesn't cost you any more or less than it would going directly to Amazon; I just get a few bones from Bezos. So help a brother out, would ya?

  • More Interaction - You may have noticed that there is a "Subscribe Now" button on the home page. You may have noticed that there is now a "Subscribe" link on the top of the page in the main menu. If you do this, I can send notices for upcoming events and such directly to your inbox. As I said, this is not going to be a shopping site so we're not talking spam galore (unless we're actually making Spam based hors d'oeuvres) but I'd love to set up some meet & greets at a bar or two this year and being able to send out invitations would definitely help.

  • More Posts - in 2019, the frequency of my posts was inversely proportionate to how busy I was at work and home. In 2020, I'm shooting for a once a week minimum when it comes to new content. It only seems fair to give you at least one bad idea before each weekend arrives.

Once again, massive thanks for all of your support. I racked up this Christmas and birthday with new hardware, Tiki mugs, Tiki decor, and several new books so we've got plenty to talk about, but first, let's make a drink...

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