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The Straw Problem

Plastic straws are being banned, what's a guy to do?

So, we've all seen the news stories about the problems with plastic straws and how some municipalities are banning them. Tiki drinks were being made before the plastic straw was invented so it's not like they are necessary. But, that means going back to paper straws right?! I HATE paper straws! Me too. I can't seem to drink fast enough to keep the paper from getting mushy. So, what's the plan going forward?

Before disposable paper and plastic straws were invented people used reusable straws and I think that's the way I'll go. To be clear, I don't think that banning plastic straws will save the planet but they are doing some damage and any help is better than none in my book. Interestingly, I've never met someone that railed on my about not using a plastic straw but boy have I heard it from people that don't want their plastic straws taken away! So, for both sides of issue I offer my humble opinion on alternatives in order from least favorite to Bamboo Sam's seal of approval!

  • The Good: inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

  • The Bad: The glue can separate and after one or two bends it's all over.

  • The Ugly: Mushy in minutes.

  • The Good:Flexible, easily transportable, and reusable.

  • The Bad: a bit pricey and can't stand up to frozen drinks.

  • The Ugly: Cleaning is a pain and not cleaning is super gross.

  • The Good: Reusable, inexpensive, sturdy, and long lasting.

  • The Bad: They tend to have small diameter openings that can easily clog.

  • The Ugly: The whole metal and acidic juice "I'm drinking a battery" thing.

  • The Good: Disposable and behaves quite a bit like traditional plastic straws.

  • The Bad: While it is biodegradable it requires commercial composting.

  • The Ugly: They can still cause the same plastic straw problems until the degrade.

And the winner is...

  • The Good: inexpensive, reusable, portable and environmentally friendly. They also have a large opening closer to that of a turbo straw than any of the other options listed here. Besides, they look cool and fit in with the Tiki vibe while out performing everything else.

  • The Bad: You do have to wash them and if you leave them in a glass too long (like overnight) they will soak up the fluid making the bamboo expand and crack. Additionally, 8 inches is about as long as you can find which can be a problem for some Tiki mugs.

  • The Ugly: They're usually full of sawdust when you get them so wash before your first use.

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